Our program as three main objectives:

1.) Get kids active

2.) Get kids having fun while active

3.) Introduce rugby to kids.


We introduce rugby in a graduated manner. From kindergarten to grade 3, children play a modified touch version. In Grade 4, we begin to introduce contact.


All the coaches and parents work hard to foster a safe and friendly environment for the children with an emphasis on developing skills over who wins and who losses.


Sundays from mid-September to April and practice Sunday mornings with Jamborees every few weeks.


Meraloma Mini Rugby


Practices are Sundays at Connaught Park 10AM to 11:30AM with a hot dog and juice afterwards. We have several large tournaments throughout the year on Sunday mornings (10-11:30) at various local clubs where teams play each other in short games.

Meraloma Mini-Rugby welcomes boys and girls of all skill and athletic levels born between 2006-2012. There is a position for every child and everyone plays in all games!