It's Roasting in Here: The Gus Fumano Tribute Roast

There was an incredible turn out from the rugby community to honour and roast Gus Fumano last week! The hall was packed with Lomas of all generations who heard tales and folklore of Gus’s 60 years of loma contributions. It was great that long time rivals/ friends from the Kats, Rowers and Caps came out and had a great time too.

The night opened with a ceremonial welcome from Henry Charles of the Musqueam nation. MC Buck Halliday started the festivities bringing Gus on stage and suppling a hockey helmet for Gus’s protection. Buck did a great job keeping the evening moving and navigating some unexpectent breaks. Speeches by Ron Burton, Ian Grantham (for his father Peter), Ian Birtwell, Dan Fumano and Spence McTavish were spectacular and the laughter went late into the night.

View Pictures from the event here!

Dan Fumano, Gus Fumano, and friends at Gus Fumano Roast

(Dan Fumano, Gus Fumano, and friends at Gus Fumano Roast)

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