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Meraloma Rugby Club stands as one of Canada's largest rugby clubs, boasting over 100 years of rich history and strong commitment to developing rugby talent at all levels. With four men's teams (Premier, Premier Reserves, 2nd division, 3rd division (Rogues)), women's team, and comprehensive youth programs including U18, U16, U14, and minis, Meraloma Rugby Club is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, sportsmanship, and community engagement.


The Senior Men's teams have had tremendous success in recent times winning Provincial Championships in 2016, 2017, and 2018 including most recently being Premier finalist in 2023.



The rugby season is about to begin.

We invite all players, whether looking for social or competitive rugby, to join. 

Contact us with your interest






Premier Men

Head Coach: John Ball
Ravensmere Heath, England

John is the head coach for Meraloma Rugby Club and Men's Premier team. Originally from the north of England, John moved to Vancouver in 2018 where he began his coaching career at the Lomas. John is also the backs and attacking coach for Vancouver Waves (Rep team). John played 1st XV rugby Sedbergh School and enjoyed club rugby at Bournville, Ampthill, and Moseley before retiring due to injuries. John lives in Vancouver with his partner Tess and works as an architect.

Defensive Coach: Shane Cooke
Knock, Ireland

Shane Cooke, hailing from Knock, Ireland, is the defensive coach for Meraloma Rugby in Vancouver. Renowned for his tactical acumen in rugby, Shane brought his expertise from Ireland to Canada, where he has notably strengthened Meraloma's defensive strategies. Settled in Vancouver, he combines his Irish rugby heritage with his coaching approach, significantly impacting the team's performance and dynamics.

Forward Coach: Paul Moriarty
Cork, Irland

Paul originally hails from Cork, Ireland, but he has been living in Canada for the past 10 years. Paul joined Meralomas in 2016. During his successful Lomas' playing career, he was the captain of the provincial champion team. Since his retirement from playing, Paul has been coaching at the club for the past 3 seasons, specializing in scrum and lineout.

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Mike Hall
Vancouver, Canada

Born and raised in Vancouver, Mike has been in the rugby community for nearly 30 years. Mike is the performance coach in charge of player development and preparation. Mike holds High Performance certification from Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, and he ensures that the players are as fit, fast, strong, and durable as possible. Outside of his professional personal trainer work and premier team, he is also busy growing grassroot rugby with Meraloma Minis program and VanCity Rugby program. Mike deadlifts 450 kgs and benches 275 kgs, but unfortunately the video was lost during upload.



Premier Reserve Men

Head Coach: Matt Fraser
Maplebrook, Canada

Matt Fraser, originating from Maplebrook, Canada, stands out as the youngest member of the Meraloma Rugby coaching staff. His journey with the club, transitioning from a highly acclaimed player to the coach of the Premier Reserves, is marked by a series of championships. Known for his strategic acumen and motivational leadership, Matt's swift evolution from a key player to an influential coach has played a pivotal role in shaping the team's success. His deep connection to Maplebrook's rugby heritage, combined with his youthful energy and innovative approach, embodies a strong passion for the sport and a commitment to fostering new talent.



Second Division Men

Head Coach: Andrew Lavelle
Finnhollow, Ireland

Andrew Lavelle's odyssey from Finnhallow, Ireland, to Vancouver is a tale woven with daring and zeal. Mastering the waves on his boat, "Buckley," he crossed the Atlantic, driven by his twin passions for sailing and rugby. Landing in Vancouver, his Irish flair and seafaring resilience quickly elevated him to a legendary status in the rugby community. As coach of the second division men’s team, he infused the squad with a pioneering spirit, transforming their play with robust Irish tactics and instilling unyielding tenacity, etching his name as an iconic figure in Vancouver's rugby lore

Assistant Coach: Toshiaki "Toshi" Miyata Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Originally from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, Tosh moved to Canada few years back. Tosh played rugby at Tamagawa University in Tokyo as well as in Shanghai and Auckland. Tosh played for the Melalomas since 2017 before he had to retire due to a knee injury. After his retirement from playing, Tosh decided to start coaching.

Assistant Coach: James "Jimmy" Harborne Bromsgrove, England

James Harborne's remarkable transition from a Bromsgrove track star to a renowned assistant rugby coach is a tale of tenacity and chance. Discovering his rugby talent at a summer camp, his athletic career took an unexpected turn. A severe injury halted his rugby ascent, but James adeptly switched to coaching, where his innovative approach and resilient spirit shone. This shift led to an international coaching opportunity, where he transformed the team's strategy and became a beacon of overcoming adversity, encapsulating the power of adaptability and life's unforeseen journeys.

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